Our 2022 closed with a seed for the future, our Magma Fest. Discover what happened and what we have in store for 2023 starting from a joint, needed reflection.

Probably the most important news of 2022 has been the launch of the EIT KIC Culture and Creativity. Materahub is proud to be part of the ICE Consortium which has been selected to generate a new and future looking network to support, empower and bring on a new dimension European Creative and Cultural sectors. Discover from the words of Bernd Fesel, Interim Chief Executive Officer, what the KIC is and what it will do. take a look

In the last ten years, Materahub has worked on structuring capacity building programs to support creative and culture professionals.

The time has come to work on a umbrella project aiming at understanding the current skills and competences needs of the sector and anticipate the ones from the future.

This will be CYANOTYPES, the blueprint for creative and cultural sectors, funded by Erasmus +.

Discover more from the words of David Crombie, professor at HKU and coordinator of the project.

take a look

Materahub is proud to announce that from the end of 2022 and all over 2023 will represent the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion in Italy.

The Network, born from the activities of Acciones contra el Hambre in Spain, is now acting in 29 countries with a strong focus on how to combine innovation for solving contemporary challenges in society.