project description

CYANOTYPES references a key episode in the long history of CCI – the invention of cyanotype, an iron-based photographic process pioneered in the 19th century whose beautiful blue prints (inspiring artists and designers alike) created the “blueprint” we know today.

This project brings together a wide variety of stakeholders from the Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI) to provide a solid basis for the development of a strategic approach to researching, anticipating, co-creating, stress-testing and integrating new and concrete skills development solutions that can be adopted across the European CCI ecosystem. 


The objectives of this project is based on a five-step roadmap, including:

  • Establishing Strategic Skills for Creative Future Communities.
  • Undertaking extensive Skills intelligence gathering activities with an anticipatory framework.
  • Developing a resilient strategic approach for introducing and supporting reskilling and upskilling for future skills and emerging occupational profiles.
  • Boosting innovation for the CCI by jointly co-creating and iteratively prototyping contextual interventions.
  • Boosting entrepreneurial and creative competences with a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approach that stimulates increased employability, creativity and professional career trajectories.


Work in progress


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