Magma Fest, for now it is (NOT) all

Article by Roberta Capozucca – Communication Officer of Materahub

If the future is uncertain and gloom, we can imagine a new one

Now it is time to really work together.

This is the key I chose to tell you what happened during the first edition of the Magma Fest and what it has been to me the real outcome of this fantastically dense two days.

The new gathering launched by Materahub, as a way to promote the dialogue between disciplines and to inspire new models of cooperation in South of Italy, made my brain tremble for the so unconventional position brought to the stage by the incredible guests we had the chance to host in Matera during the 1st and the 2nd of Decemeber.

Yes I call it gathering, you read it right, because more than a conference or a festival what we had the chance to experience was a safe space for exchanging opinion, an honest interest in listening to each others’ opinion and the will to find a way to collaborate.

Magma Fest – Videos Playlist

If this contemporary times threats us with urgent and complex challenges, we are all expected to do our part. With this background Magma had the ambition to create a thriving context for the design of new non-disciplinary models, in which each vision, competence and approach can contribuite  to imagine unexpected solutions to face the urgent and complex challenges.

So what shall we prefer? Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity or cross-disciplinarities? The point here is that it should not really matter, because realities is much more complex than the disciplines we invented, which in a capitalist educative dimensions leads to the prominence of the ego and of the self. Yet now we need to act as a whole.

Like the magma is a heterogeneous fluid that moves under our feet in constant need of stabilization, so do different disciplines that together need to seek and invent new models to collaborate for design a new model of development based on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Going up to the surface, in this first edition of the Magma Fest we attempted to define understand how creativity and cross-fertilization change the way organizations create valuable relationships with the natural environment, the technological transformation, the political context and the local communities.

But it is not all. We also attempted do agree on the meaning of words which populates the interdisciplinary and innovative ecosystem we are trying to define. A process of contamination and negotiation, which gave life to our brand new Augmented Vocabulary.