project description

The “Rethinking Cultural & Creative Industries” (ReCCI) project serves as an accelerator for the transmission of new knowledge and the acquisition of digital and business skills within the creative and cultural sectors. Positioned as a beacon of good practice in culture, the project aims to provide an effective and immediate response to crises and transitions in an era marked by the rapid pace of change across all aspects of human activity.
The project is structured around four pillars: resilience of the creative and cultural industries, diversity of cultural expressions in the digital era, support for the contribution of culture to sustainable development, and equal and balanced representation of all creative and cultural industries in the digital era. Through these pillars, ReCCI seeks to address the immediate and induced needs of the creative and cultural sectors.
A key focus is the development of an innovative training and capacity-building path to equip operators in these sectors with the necessary competencies to navigate the digital and post-COVID-19 era. The project targets entrepreneurial, digital, and resilience competences recognized as priorities for the sector’s revival and alignment with future economic trends.


The aim of the project is to train CCI’s employees in a range of necessary hard & soft skills that can meet modern professional needs (e.g. business thinking, digital skills, networking etc.) and to provide them immediately and effectively with the appropriate tools taking into account the specifics of the cultural sector in general as well as the individual needs of each sector in particular.
ReCCI focuses on enhancing the resilience of creative and cultural industries, helping them withstand challenges and adapt to changes in the post-COVID-19 era.
Promoting and sustaining the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital age is a key goal, acknowledging the importance of adapting to new forms of expression.
Additionally, the project supports the contribution of culture to sustainable development, recognizing cultural industries’ role in societal well-being.


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  • Competency Framework: detailing new competences or innovations in existing ones needed by CCIs post-COVID-19
  • Training Course: covering competences highlighted in the Competency Framework for CCIs professionals, emphasizing entrepreneurship and digital skills
  • Learning Hub: a platform for creative and cultural professionals to exchange experiences and knowledge
  • Handbook: a guide for independent planning, organization, and delivery of training sessions


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