Mind the Gap



project description

What’s needed to make online arts education truly participatory?

Mind the Gap is an international research project inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of arts education professionals during the Covid-19 crisis.

Digital technologies promise to increase participation, diversity and reach in arts education. However, educators often find themselves lacking the technical knowledge, equipment, skills or confidence necessary to engage with participants online, while the communities they work with are often affected by the “digital gap”.

Led by an international consortium of arts institutions, Mind the Gap aims to define best practices for online outreach, provide educators with tools for working digitally and ultimately, improve access to the participatory arts for all.


  • Identify innovation: take a look at participatory online projects from across Europe and find out what makes them truly innovative.
  • Cooperate: the project brings together a consortium of six European arts organisations that are committed to enabling access to the arts.
  • Support educators: provide tools and inspiration to help arts educators become more confident in delivering online activities.
  • Think strategically: provide a space for strategic thinking in a general climate of urgency for the cultural and social sectors.
  • Provide resources: offer arts workers resources and guides for working digitally with disadvantaged communities.
  • Look to the future: create innovative, durable solutions to drive the recovery of the European creative sector.


Work in progress


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