project description

The overall aim of L2CREATE is to design, test and validate a new work-based learning (WBL) programme in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). It recognises that the modern, creative workplace is a powerful learning environment, with the potential to make vast contributions to employment, productivity and increasing economic competitiveness.


  • To develop and provide a fresh and tailored conceptual model for effective WBL in CCI.
  • To train VET teachers and trainers how to prepare learners (trainees, apprentices, internships) for effective WBL in CCI sectors, how to support them and how to link with the CCI employers sustainably.
  • To test the blended training programme for VET teachers and trainers in piloting countries to assure and actively promote its replicability beyond the consortium and across other EU countries.
  • To validate the learning progress of teachers and trainers.
  • To provide CCI employers with guidance on how to set-up, structure and support effective and beneficial WBL opportunities to learners.
  • To link with CCI clusters, to test an innovative mentoring programme for CCI employers on how to set-up and support high quality WBL with their limited resources and with the help of clusters and cluster managers.


Methodological concept: The summary report (available in 6 languages) allows you to understand clearly what the Creative and Cultural Industry (CCI) sector is like in all our partnership countries (UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Slovakia).
Learning curriculum: This learning curriculum is aimed at vocational teachers. It is based on the results of IO1 (Methodological concept – see above), which highlighted the competences and training needs.


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