Creative Agents



project description

The project CREATIVE AGENTS is to support VET providers in the adaptation of their training offer to changing skills needs in the CCI sector thus enlarging the training offer to more sustainable, green and digital skills by creating a new job profile, the Creative Agent, who will encompass entrepreneurial spirit, digital knowhow and a green approach to their practice.


The Creative Agents project builds on sustainable alternatives to train a new professional figure capable of:

  • Put in practice new innovative solutions and sustainable alternatives.
  • Work with new partners at community level so to increase the participation of local stakeholders.
  • Adopt smart digital distribution formats.
  • Collaborate with the CCS practitioners to create joint actions and movements at local level.
  • Contribute to the well-being of citizens, social innovation and cohesion.
  • Possess knowledge and skills on how to mobilise citizens, organisations and institutions to act sustainably and respect the environment.
  • Make cultural and creative sectors integral parts more sustainable, innovative and cohesive societies.


Occupational Profile of Creative Agents: It serves to compile all the necessary information through qualitative and quantitative studies and an expert forum and focus groups with Creative Sector organisations in order to select the contents and develop the training program.

Toolbox for Cultural Economy Labs: with the vision to valorise the role of creative sectors in developing sustainable local development. The result will be a toolbox that project targets, creative sector or actors involved in social innovation/economy, in order to plan, organize, deliver and monitor (the impact) the Cultural Economy Labs. The toolbox will be supported by a methodology on how to run the labs and will provide a list of instruments, procedures, tricks that creative sectors will be able to use on the labs.

Creative Agents e-learning platform & Deus Platform community of users: It is designed for VET Trainers and VET Learners. It is delivered in the format of an OER, accessible for everyone including an evaluation system with questions and answers to test if the user has learnt the information and it will connected with the OER available in the DEUSCCI knowledge platform to enhance the learning experience of the users and provide more contents for specific training needs. It is also used as the basis for a pilot Training Course that help the CCI practitioners and also the other target groups to expand their knowledge and skills on how to mobilise citizens, organisations and institutions to act sustainably and respect the environment in creative industries.


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