project description

The CreatEU – Entrepreneurship Up-skilling Education for Creatives, is a project developed under the Erasmus+ programme by 6 EU organisations. The project aims to support the development of relevant and high-quality competences of professionals working in the Cultural and Creative Industries in order to enhance the sustainability and profitability of their activities, and thus further support the development of the CCI sector in Europe.


  • Identify the key competences the CCI professionals need in order to be able to structure their artistic and cultural activity in a more profitable, sustainable and structured way.
  • Develop innovative and specific tailored education tools to improve CCI professionals’ competences in the areas of entrepreneurship, management, financial / fundraising, marketing, and networking, in order to increase the profitability and the sustainability of their activities and projects.
  • Increase project partners’ capacity, but also of other similar organizations, to serve the CCI professionals, one of their main working target groups, and diversify their educational services in the five areas mentioned above, through innovative educational tools for delivering high and relevant competences to their clients.


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