project description

Health for Caregivers United (CARE4U) aims to improve the skills and competences of carers and care staff with a focus on practical skills and advice. Moreover, it enhances employability by supporting carers to meet EU guidelines and best practice in each partner country. This sharing of skills and competences is facilitated through an online learning platform.

The CARE4U platform intends to improve the health social  competences of people who intend to enter and remain in the labour market. The combined on line learning and advice from professionals will enable carers and care staff to enhance existing skills or develop new ones.


The objectives of CARE4U are to provide an e-learning web portal that allows users to search for content and topics of particular interest, or recommended learning materials and training specific to their needs.

Therefore, CARE4U provides the training to meet the needs of carers and those who seek employment in the care sector. Long term indirect beneficiaries include patients and the care sector as a whole. Thus, our main target audience includes:

  • Inexperienced carers that are advised by experienced carers in a safe space.
  • Unemployed care staff that seek training to increase their knowledge and skill base to improve employability.
  • Carers and care staff that require additional advice by professionals about a certain topic.
  • Patients and the care sector as a whole constitute the indirect target group of CARE4U as they benefit from the personalized and adequate training provided by CARE4U.


  1. Handbook: collection of best practices in caregiving in EU.
  2. Training Courses:  materials to develop and improve ten key soft skills for caregivers.
  3. Interactive Map: an interactive resource to find training and career pathways for caregivers in EU.


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