VR Theatre



project description

VR Theatre is a 24 months strategic partnership that aims to provide adult professionals in CCIs with innovative and creative tools to engage a wider public in their activities, targeting the 65+ population band which is at risk of being or feeling excluded.


  • To activate local and transnational networks to boost transectoral cooperation.
  • To train CCIs professionals and operators on audience development, outreach and engagement strategies for seniors in the wake of Covid-19.
  • To design an innovative methodology aimed at performative and expressive arts practicioners for engagement and community-building through arts, combining Participatory Theatre and use of Virtual Reality (VR). Participatory Theatre refers to a collective creation, usually community-based, where actors and non-actors co-create a play. The methodology will apply the use of VR to this practice, to create a Participatory VR Theatre script that can be used for local theatre workshops with seniors.


IO1: Web Platform (DISCoVeR Theatre Network).
IO2: Training Format and Joint Report.
IO3: Participatory VR Theatre Script and Handbook.


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