Treasure Hunt In Your Neighbour's Backyard



project description

Due to the climate change it is necessary to find new ways of travelling and exploring Europe in a sustainable way. It is possible to get new experiences just by exploring your neighbours backyard. In a wider sense to go to your neighbour country to explore their hidden treasures, putting a focus on agro tourism as an alternative to mass Tourism.


Objectives of Treasure Hunt are to:

  • Train agriculture entrepreneurs on developing skills and competences to innovate their business by connecting agriculture and tourism.
  • Enhance the possibility for young immigrants and female entrepreneurs to get involved in agrotourism.
  • Promote innovation capacity in the agriculture sector as a whole thanks to the link with another relevant sector for EU economy, Tourism.
  • Make agro tourism an attractive business for young entrepreneurs in combination with other land based businesses.
  • Increase the interest for language learning among potential rural entrepreneurs by using interdisciplinary teaching methods, thus learning English and vocational skills in the same time.
  • To build a strong network for the exchange of good practices in agro tourism.



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