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project description

In the context of one of the most disruptive global events in recent history, creativity & wellbeing (WB) are at the forefront of societal resilience. The sector of “arts, culture, creativity” is, alongside science, technology & business (3 pillars), pivotal for the development of society and the global economy; WB & quality of life would be drastically undermined by any irreversible harm to either pillar.

The current global business model relies on a skills structure that has proven to lack innovative capacity, resilience, and quality in disruptive times. Hence, the need for an integrative paradigm in which creativity and arts are not solely “the creative economy” but form part of society’s fabric. The core of all these actions was the push to generate WB for the whole society: a consistent attribute that allows for green growth, sustainable job development, rapid adjustment to Industry x.0 while retaining a well-rounded society’s basic features.

The CIRCLE proposes an innovative approach. It brings together actors from 3 countries, with expertise in entrepreneurship,creativity,digitalization and targets 2 groups: creatives and non creatives, to upgrade their resilience by building digital, creative and sustainability skills and allow cross-fertilization.

The project adds flexibility and structure, with an overarching digital umbrella, supporting the individuals to make better decisions about their businesses or ideas, thus supporting the EC efforts made during the last decade, when CCS have gained increased attention in European Union policy making.


  • Developing and testing tools to upgrade the capacity of creatives overcome challenges posed by disruptive situations such as the C19 pandemic, and focusing on: creative skills, digital skills, sustainability & WB.
  • Build the capacity of a group of 60 creatives and non creatives freelancers/entrepreneurs with the use of the developed tools and make them more resilient.
  • Build the capacity of a core group of staff within the partnership on “how to support creatives” to improve their capacity to provide services for creative in disruptive situations.


  1. The Entrepreneurial Kits: Generalist & Creative Versions | A set of guides, tools and templates to build financial and social sustainability – clarify your strategy, diversify your revenue streams, reach international markets and lead with purpose & impact.
  2. The Creative Kits: Generalist & Creative Versions | A guideline to bring structure in creativity and creativity in structure – force innovative business solutions on demand, learn to collect actionable feedback and improve creative/non-creative collaborations.
  3. The Digital Kits: Generalist & Creative Versions | Checklists, tools and know how to digitise your flow – optimise your processes, get better results from e-commerce and overcome feeling overwhelmed by digital ads.
  4. The circle e-courses and kits:
  5. The leaflet in English.


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