project description

The main goal of the project is to produce, and put into practical use, a learning tool that will help adult teachers/trainers to create engaging and relevant learning experiences for students and concerned adults who want to live more sustainably in their everyday life. SustainCast will help participants to learn and train Green Skills as promoted by GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework.


The objectives of Sustaincast are:

  • Provide adult learners the up-to-date knowledge needed to navigate all the different way of improving sustainablity in everyday life in the areas of Food, Clothing, Transportation, Travel, Plastic Waste and Energy Consumption, through the delivery of a Guidebook and a set of Video-guides.
  • Teach people how to reach a large public audience when trying to affect other people attitudes toward sustainability by making a podcast.
  • Document how to convert these guidelines into a real-life situation. This is done by letting real people document and reflect on their own process, by making a podcast about the experiment/challenge with the help from the Podcast producer from their country.


  • GuideBook will teach you about the best practices and pitfalls in the art of living sustainably in the following aeras: Food, Clothing, Transportation, Travel, Plastic Waste and Energy Consumption.
  • Video-guides will show you how you can implement the knowledge on sustainable living in your own day-to-day lifestyle.
  • Podcast Producer Course will educate you so you will be able to start your own podcast sharing your own sustainability journey.
  • Podcast series will follow the experiences of citizens from all over Europe along their way towards a more sustainable day-to-day.


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