project description

Supporting Inclusion and Diversity in Teaching (SIDiT) is a joint project between organizations, institutes and schools in Europe with an expertise in education; created to provide resources and training opportunities to teachers, so that they engage in more inclusive teaching. Our partners are located in Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Croatia.

In Europe nowadays, the education of students with a migrant background is a dynamic and prevalent field. While schools become more diverse and welcome children with different socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, religious and language background, their inclusion in the classroom remains a challenge for teachers.

Our premise is that inclusion within the classroom is a vital first step for learners to acquire the mind-set and skills they will need to successfully integrate in increasingly broad social groups and also society as a whole.


The goal is to create inclusive classrooms where students will be able to participate at, interact and communicate with each other, while developing their skills


  • A practical toolkit for teachers and learners that offers an accessible methodological approach for teachers to support learners from a variety of backgrounds with an emphasis on fostering confidence, collaboration and enjoyment for all.
  • A teacher training course to improve the teachers’ capacity to practice effective and innovative teaching in their classrooms.
  • Policy recommendations addressed to regional governments and local authorities, but also to other actors interested in implementing the SIDiT methodology or concerned with inclusion in education.


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