project description

ScArt aims at harnessing the full potential of non-formal science education, culture and the arts, to equip diverse cross-generational learners especially between 18-25 years of age with a range of competences, such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and resilience, as well as digital competence, which will empower them to address current and future large-scale societal and environmental challenges traversing our European community.


Exploring the potential of new forms of cultural experiences and dissemination by building on and innovating the Science Gallery Artistic Residency. It will go through a digital innovation process in terms of format and duration, interaction and collaboration modes and tools, contents and topics, and audience development.


  • 6-week art-science virtual residencies each linked to a specific UN Sustainable Development Goal and or EU Youth Goals, and managed at country level (Italy, Ireland, Greece, Hungary).
  • A virtual space that will enable effective and sustainable virtual residencies and will provide meeting/networking opportunities for involved youth and professionals.


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