Off The Beaten Track



project description

Off the Beaten Track (OTBT) is an Erasmus+ project designed to provide support to women, with a particular emphasis on women entrepreneurs aged 30 and above, operating in the tourism, cultural, and sustainable development sectors. They have either lost their jobs or faced significant business challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The core concept involves establishing a robust connection between tourism, sustainable development, and cultural and creative industries. This connection will be forged through the Academy, an educational and mentoring program. Simultaneously, it will build networking among women from diverse backgrounds, creating a community of mutual support. The learning aspect will concentrate on soft skills, pivotal in today’s landscape and acquired through a non-formal learning approach. Given the demoralizing effects of the pandemic on affected individuals, mentoring becomes crucial. Resilient women possessing problem-solving skills can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation: The Women ChangeMakers.


The long-term objective is to establish a hub for women engaged in tourism, sustainable development, culture, and creativity, facilitating mutual support, exchange of advice, ideas, and opportunities. 

This platform will serve as a hub for testing business ideas, seeking crowdfunding, collaboratively developing new projects with access to EU/regional/national funds.


The project’s outputs are the following:

• A methodology that emphasizes design thinking techniques for mentoring programs, along with a handbook for facilitators.
• A comprehensive “Mentoring Programme“, comprising self-assessment tools, guidance on team formation, and organizing stages of business idea development within a team, supplemented by an individual micro-learning course.
• A platform equipped with a guide for establishing a vibrant and engaging community of women entrepreneurs.


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