Reclaim Our City: the art of transforming spaces into places

Starting from the 20th century, the paradigm of urban growth as a symptom of economic health has entered into a deep crisis. Driven by increasing demands for environmental, social and economic sustainability, cities have moved from a model of expansion of the built fabric to a paradigm based on transforming the existing environment as a condition for raising the quality of urban life.


The industries of culture and creativity

A deep dive with Paolo Montemurro into the culture and creativity industries and their contribution to society. The relationship between creativity, future and education.


Creative Business Cup ‘23

The CBC is an annual global competition involving creative startups, businesses, investors, brilliant speakers, and innovation experts from over 80 countries. A community that focuses all of its attention on fostering innovation and creative business endeavours.

Creative Industries include advertising, architecture, crafts, design, experience technologies, fashion, film, video and photography, gastronomy, leisure, music, performing arts, publishing, radio and television, software – games for computers and electronics, makers of 3D printers, toys and games.

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Call to craft practitioners for the Crafthub International Exhibition

In 2023, Craft Hub will be celebrating and showcasing the skill and innovation of contemporary craft makers in an International Exhibition. The exhibition will commence in the beautiful city of Matera, Italy in April 2023, before proceeding to venues in Greece, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Wales, with the final exhibition in Norway in October 2023.

We are delighted to invite Craft Makers to submit an application to be a part of this exhibition.

An independent panel of craft experts will assess the submission. As part of the exhibition process, a prize fund of €2,500 will be awarded with prizes presented at the Festival of Craft which is scheduled to take place in Wales in September 2022.

Promoting EU

Promoting Europe is the official Materahub dissemination channel to stay updated on news, communities and opportunities coming from European projects.
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The Circle - Online Festival

February 28th 9:30 – 17:30 CET

The Circle Festival online will bring together the skills, frameworks and inspiration that empower resilience for creative and non-creative entrepreneurs all across Europe.

The event marks the end of the Circle program, a cross-disciplinary program for European freelancers and entrepreneurs. The session hosted by Materahub will be on Creativity and wellness at work and on how creativity positively impacts the wellness of a business.

What are the practices and frameworks that empower non-creative businesses to maximize their potential and develop new innovative skills? How to develop efficient networking?

If you are curious join the Circle!

RECCI - Improve your skills as a cultural and creative professional

The ReCCI project has designed an innovative training for Creative and Cultural professionals and through this course, they will acquire those skills to react to the post-pandemic scenario but also propose themselves as an actor of change in their own community and in Europe. The competencies covered are from entrepreneurial, digital and transversal dimensions.

If you are a Cultural and Creative operator from Romania, France, Poland, Italy and Greece fill out this form and apply to join us in Heraklion, Crete from the 24th to the 28th of April!

Costs of travel and accommodation will be covered by the project for the selected participants!