During a period in which everyone is called to contribute to the resolution of urgent and complex challenges, Magma Fest has been born to promote dialogue between sectors and knowledge, as an effective approach to solving local and global challenges.

Leaving behind the idea of innovation purely oriented to growth, Magma has the ambition to create a thriving context for the design of new non-disciplinary models, starting from creativity and from Southern Italy, and imagining unexpected and scalable solutions.


STEAM: why arts matter

“STEAM: why arts matter” is a podcast for those people who want to understand how the arts contribute to our society and are revolutionizing future education.

Talking about craft

With the Craft Hub project we will explore the value of craft as a European cultural and artistic heritage: here is a podcast to introduce the project.



Do you belong to a group of motivated people or a start-up team who really want to make a difference, and where you are considered as a resource when leadership is needed? Have you ever asked yourself “How can I contribute toward society?” Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, all members of a group can perform leadership functions, and become familiar with attitudes, competences and tools which can improve your group’s performance.

CHLaydoscope project can help you to perform successfully in your role and to engage your community!


These are our selected changemakers: leading women that can be inspirational and a reference for all women taking part in the training activities proposed by Off The Beaten Track. Because role models are necessary and because they have great engaging stories we can learn from, we invite you to get to know them!

Do you feel a woman changemaker?

Send your application.

European projects

creative invisibles

Creative invisibles project has a clear objective: to introduce new models of entrepreneurship training in the creative sector through actions carried out in the field of street culture, aiming to mobilize young people and NEETs deemed “invisible” within society.

the circle

The Circle project  journey’s not over yet!
Materahub and the project partners prepared a series of events and webinars that will help us to (re)connect and continue to support each other. Discover more and join The Circle!