Motivate to Create



project description

Motivate to Create (M2C) combines the traditions and values of these Europe’s Community and Participatory Arts (CPA) practice with Social Action Projects (SAPS) generate a suite of integrated learning activities, tools, resources and courses for adult and community education.

It is a new Strategic Partnerships for Creativity that brings together 6 partners from 5 countries (UK, ES, HR, IT, SK) drawn from a range of partners active in adult education, the creative and cultural industries and community development.


  • Skills & Inclusion: foster creativity and nurture talent, generated through participatory artistic and creative processes.
  • Civil Engagement: supported by innovative, case study-based learning methods that will draw out the expression and creativity of all groups and ages in society.
  • Social Inclusion: act as a catalyst for changes within a community through ‘place based’ neighbourhood development.


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