project description

The MOSAIC project – Mastering Job Oriented Skills in Arts & Crafts thanks to Inclusive Centres of vocational excellence – focuses on how to future-proof vocational educational training (VET) for Arts & Crafts and specifically for:

  • Traditional & rare crafts
  • Precious metals & jewelry
  • Furniture & Wood

and their relation with Design, Arts & Industry.

The 15 partners of MOSAIC will foster excellence in VET to ensure high quality skills that lead to quality employment and career-long opportunities, which meet the needs of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy.


  • To increase and improve collaboration between companies and VET centres, to reach a state of mutual fertilisation
  • To improve inclusive VET provision through new training solutions
  • To foster internationalisation and transnational strategies in response to the evolution of VET and society
  • To provide forward-looking VET through the use of digital methodologies and tools


Outputs include the creation of:

  • National networks of stakeholders incl. VET providers, business actors, higher education institutions, and local authorities
  • Feedback loops between VET providers and business actors to collect data on skills gaps in Arts & Crafts
  • Online European Observatory on Arts & Crafts to collect and publish data on a regular basis
  • Innovative training modules on Arts & Crafts, digital and social entrepreneurship – with focus on social inclusion, digitalisation and environmental sustainability
  • Mobility training schemes for professionals
  • Online training courses for schools’ staff on internationalisation
  • Sustainability plan to create long-lasting products that will continue to be used after the implementation phase.


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