Learning Trajectories



project description

Many internationalisation programmes throughout Europe came to life at the initiative of local or national agencies, governments and institutions, as well as European networks and projects. Nevertheless, performing arts professionals are not always well-equipped when it comes to researching and developing international opportunities.

The project “Learning Trajectories” aims at mainstreaming best practices among intermediary organisations, as well as advancing the quality of mentoring programmes that support the internationalisation of the European arts and culture sector, and making them more accessible.

“Learning Trajectories” investigates ways to best design and implement mentoring programmes by supporting the international career development of cultural and creative professionals. We do this through three focal points:

  1. How to facilitate the access to key resources and relevant professional information from other contexts.
  2. Which mentoring methodologies and tools can be used and further developed in order to support cultural professionals.
  3. How to organise curated mobility experiences and prospection trips.


  • Design 3 practical guides to 1) help performing arts professionals and organisations to initiate / further develop international mentoring programmes, 2) propose ways for the performing arts sector to be better equipped to engage in a new context (country, region, sector etc.) and 3) strengthen the capacity of the intermediary organisations to support the overall prospection process (from preparation to implementation and follow-ups).
  • Share/exchange best practices to engage in professional development for all staff members and add a more dynamic and timely professional setting where we can address the challenges of today.
  • Develop new working methodologies to encourage international prospection as a solid strategy to be embedded in mentoring schemes, while working together to increase the arts and culture sector’s capacity/ability to operate internationally, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.


Learning Trajectories handbooks are intended as a resource for any organisation that wishes to develop a professional development programme with the aim of helping live art workers to broaden their thinking, practises and networks beyond national borders.


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