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Materahub launched a survey dedicated to explore the state of the art of the EU lifelong learning educational system for the cultural and creative professionals.

To feed the work of the KIC on the cultural and creative industries, Materahub launched the survey “Learning Programmes Mapping Activity dedicated to explore the state of the art of the European non-formal educational system for  the cultural and creative professionals.

Supporting the innovative capacity of EU

The new pan-European partnership on Culture and Creative starts getting into the swing of things.

It was June 2022 when the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced the winners of the new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on Culture & Creativity.

Alongside the 8 already existing Communities – climate, digital, energy, health, raw materials, food, manufacturing and urban mobility – that of culture has begun to take its first step within the most ambitious project promoted by the European Union to support the innovative capacity of our continent.

A map on the state of the art of the ICC in Europe

On the 1st of March, the EIT Culture & Creativity signed a 6 million Start-Up Grant Agreement (SUGA) to get the programme up and running for 2024.

This start-up phase, whose aim is to create the 8 legal territorial entities, good governance structures, and internal initiatives to foster long-term financial sustainability plans while maintaining the public service mission,  also sees the 29 partners of the consortium undertake a necessary  moment of reconnaissance to map the state of the art of the ICC in Europe.

Become part of this revolution

Part of EIT Culture & Creativity and protagonist of the working group dedicated to the development of competencies for the cultural and creative sector, in this preliminary phase Materahub is undertaking an exploratory analysis to map the professional courses, so those organised by private institutions or individual professionals and not by universities, dedicated to the upskilling and reskilling of the cultural and creative professionals.

To do so, we have launched a huge call all around Europe to collect large-scale data with the intention to compile a taxonomy of the non-formal schooling system including location, teaching methodology, learning objectives and classes taught.

The quantitative data collected through the survey, which will be compilable until the end of April, will then be broken down into qualitative information through semi-structured interviews with experts to evaluate the coherence of the learning objective to the actual job market and to the EIT principles of innovation, digital and green transition.

Fill in the survey and become part of one of a kind cultural revolution!