project description

The project “InnoBoost” gathered motivated and creative representatives of the youth sector to brainstorm, spar, share and develop project proposals, to ensure that transnational youth projects, now and in the future, are implemented with an emphasis on value creation. The purpose of the project was to address the need for youth organizations to be always evolving and pushing the limits of value creation through innovative and qualitative projects.


The project had the following objectives:

  • Create a platform for youth workers to test and spar their creative and innovative ideas with peers from other countries.
  • Encourage creative thinking amongst youth workers and motivation for thinking outside the box.
  • Inspire Youth workers with examples of ambitious projects to spark creativity.
  • Foster cooperation between the youth workers in developing unforeseen and innovative mobility projects.
  • Develop the capacity of youth workers to identify and analyse stakeholders and their needs when developing and implementing transnational youth projects.
  • Encourage youth workers to reflect upon project management in youth work from the perspective of long term ‘Evolutionary’ impact and value creation’.
  • Strengthen youth workers competence to facilitate learning through transnational youth projects maintaining the core values of non-formal education and safety and security.


Work in progress


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