GreenComp Enterprises



project description

GreenComp Enterprises aims to develop the skills and competences of startuppers and entrepreneurs in sustainable entrepreneurship, enhancing the creation of innovative green and ethical enterprises across Europe, that will foster the production of eco-friendly products. This will be achieved by developing relevant training solutions and materials for individuals that want to start their green and ethical enterprise and for entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their already existing enterprise, based on the sustainability competences of the European ‘GreenComp’ framework.


The specific objectives of this project are:

  • The development of the “Business Sustainability Handbook” with all the necessary information for starting a green and ethical enterprise, or upgrade their existing enterprise, providing training materials of high quality.
  • Transnational training of entrepreneurs on the “Business Sustainability Handbook”.
  • Digital tool with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and a virtual space for cooperation and exchange of knowledge, between entrepreneurs and startuppers.
  • Individual acceleration procedure for entrepreneurs using digital tools for communication, providing them services for supporting tailored business plan creation and mentoring.


Work in progress


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