project description

Eco-health tourism – a form of responsible travel in natural areas to protect the environment, well-being of local populations and health benefits of visitors is growing rapidly. However, it is largely absent from entrepreneurship education. Grassroots eco-health tourism project was consequently born, with a clear objective to introduce new models of entrepreneurship education through actions in the field of eco-health tourism to young people as the target audience.

Seven organizations from five European countries – Italy, France, Ireland, Sweden and Belgium will collaborate with each other to address existing challenges. Some of them are about young people regaining control of their lives by developing their own professional project in their living area, fighting against desertification and aging of the population as well as improving the resilience of rural businesses.


The project aims at creating a guideline of good practices for innovation and a pedagogical guideline for youth initiative in eco-heath tourism. Training courses and an immersive online training toolkit with referential entrepreneurship skills in this sector will also be provided to young people to implement them in their current or future projects or businesses.



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