Global FemArt



project description

Global FemArt aims to develop specific support for the entrepreneurial development of female artists and creatives, through a holistic programme combining online training and mentoring. The training programme will enable female artists and creatives to develop their understanding of how to run and develop a creative business, as well as strengthening their self-confidence and self-efficacy. Global FemArt will also help female artists and creatives to take the next steps within their business, encouraging them to move towards a more globalised trade. This will be in line with the EU 2020 Strategy for Growth and Jobs, which aims to build a cultural sector capable of increasingly contributing to employment and growth across Europe.


The Global FemArt project will hereby achieve broad, and most importantly, twofold impact:

  • Female artists and creatives (either having been directly involved or indirectly inspired by previous participants) will be more aware of their abilities to run a creative business, enjoy a strong growth in self-confidence and self-efficacy, and undertake internationalising and globalising action for further business expansion.
  • The creative industries have an increased awareness of the existing gender inequalities, feel encouraged to combat these and will actively push towards becoming a truly inclusive area of work.


Global FemArt eCourse with  modules covering a broad range os topics.


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