project description

GatewayCrafts is a visionary project aimed at revitalizing the small-scale manufacturing and arts and crafts sectors by providing updated knowledge and addressing pressing issues. Its objectives are linked to priorities like innovation in vocational education and training, digital transformation, and environmental sustainability. Through high-quality alternative digital training, GatewayCrafts plans to offer two online courses, an eLearning platform, and content adapted for social media learning.


The project targets young adults, makers, other professionals in the sector, VET providers, and key actors in crafts and regional development. By fostering collaboration with transnational partners, GatewayCrafts aims to bridge generational and geographic gaps, promote sustainable production practices, and empower communities in disadvantaged territories. Through cooperation, the project seeks to achieve its objectives and contribute to the resilience and attractiveness of the European arts and crafts industry.


  • Development of two online courses
  • Creation of learning infrastructure
  • Content adaption of Social Media Learning
  • Creation of one best practices workbook for social media learning in the Arts and Crafts sector


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