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project description

This project aims to develop & integrate Art & Design micro-credential courses into existing HE programs focusing on skills deemed necessary for the Green Transition, SDGs and the New European Bauhaus. It will: establish alternative spaces of learning for course delivery; transfer targeted knowledge ensuring learners future employment; train & improve sustainability competences of Educators; invite current professionals to upskill; and promote behavioral change in line with the Green transition.


  • Establish hybrid & alternative spaces of learning in line with the NEB for course delivery
  • Improve sustainable competences of Art & Design Educators
  • Strengthen & improve employability within the creative industries
  • Promote behavioral change in line with the Green transition


  • 6 micro-credential courses based on the themes of the NEB and SDGs aiming to equip Art & Design Students, Graduates and Working Professionals with skills deemed necessary for the green transition
  • These micro-credential courses will be made available on a platform ready by November 2024.
    Stay tuned here!
  • Live workshops
  • A Consolidated Report outlining recommendations for Alternative spaces of learning for Art & Design Education in line with the NEB.


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