project description

Food4BrainTrain develop a game-based training programme helping success in starting up a food & beverage entrepreneurial initiative by leveraging disruptive technology. F4BT targets young Europeans aged 16-30 years that are on the verge of work and further education, students attending the last year of qualification of VET centers and professional institutes specialized in the field of hospitality and catering.


Its purpose is to attract young people at risk or facing discrimination in finding work, they having low level of education, living in remote areas or small towns, young people from low-income families or having parents divorced or low-educated.

They will make their own business path and will:

  • Find out and test their own business idea.
  • Create a feasibility plan.
  • Pitch to their audience and learn how to get funding.
  • Test and improve their leadership and people management style.
  • Be further trained through direct speeches and videos of f&b entrepreneurs acting as ambassadors and sharing their experience of working in the industry, thus help tackling such negative stereotypes.
  • Finally, they might join a competition to select the best EU entrepreneurial idea.


  • Professional profile of a food & beverage entrepreneur: It provides a framework identifying competencies needed for the Food Entrepreneurs to innovate, be digitally competent, take on the risk of their own decisions and succeed in the market. It provides soft skills for entrepreneurship, digital skills, sustainability skills, dealing with the management of product and resources, revenue, sales and people.

  • E-learning platform:  offer an easy way to provide online training for entrepreneurs in the food industry and to develop users’ communities. It is structured as a learning path simulating the chronology of the real entrepreneurial pathway, where the user’s theoretical knowledge and practical abilities are built-up and tested. Along the way, digital learning materials are made available to all users, separated into different modules and placed conveniently on the site’s menu. At the end of each module, users must take a test based on the learning materials.
  • Training package: Handbook for learners and VET educators, to extend and develop of young Europeans skills in starting up a food & beverage entrepreneurialinitaitive by leveraging disruptive technology.


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