project description

FemTalks Forum aims to combine different training methodologies into a single, highly blended learning programme for the development of female migrants. Enabling women to acquire new skills, strengthen their self-confidence and self-efficacy to then put into practice what they have learnt using an innovative digital sharing platform.

Using this learning programme, FemTalks Forum intends to help female migrants increase their employability and social inclusion and provide them with additional advice for further development.


The aim of the programme is to help women feel more confident about sharing their stories, to improve the image of migration across Europe and to empower women to take steps towards integration, socially and/or professionally.

The complete FemTalks Forum Programme consists of three learning opportunities:

  • Participants will be able to take part in the FemTalks Forum “What’s My Story” Training Programme. Based on methodologies from Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, participants will take part in five core modules and three optional modules, aimed at helping them gain confidence and communication skills.
  • FemTalks Forum Circles™ will then offer a more personal, intensive mentoring experience, which will complement the training programme by supporting women to take actual, positive steps towards achieving their goals. This could be helping them to find voluntary work, start a local community group, find employment or even start their own business, in order to better integrate socially and financially in their new country.
  • Finally, the FemTalks Forum eLearning and Digital Training Platform will supplement face-to face learning, helping women to learn digital storytelling techniques and providing a platform for them to share their stories online.


Work in progress


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