EU Heritage



project description

EU Heritage will focus on an experiential approach and will deploy a cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary methodology that will enhance the potentials of connecting the heritage sectors with other sectors, i.e. tourism, technology, Creative and Cultural industries, entrepreneurship & business.

Through an interrelated set of eight WPs, the 10 EU partners will jointly address the shortage of transversal & transferable and digital skills in the field of Heritage Promotion, Valorisation, Exploitation, Mediation and Interpretation.


The project’s objectives are to:

  • Define a set of skills needed in the CH sector (Cultural Heritage) drawing on partner research and on the strengths and wide experience of the consortium in research, needs analysis and training.
  • Develop European occupational core profiles for professionals employed in the field of promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation of CH (level 6 EQF).
  • Design an innovative and needs-oriented training course which integrate several sector-specific and transversal skills, including digital, entrepreneurial, and soft skills.
  • Integrate the materials into partner teaching or training activities, and mainstream the insights and the materials produced to the CH, culture and tourism sectors across Europe.



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