project description

ESESII addresses the lacking awareness of many social entrepreneurs on what impact their business could have in a different location. Besides this, many social entrepreneurs often miss the needed soft skills and specialised knowhow to successfully introduce their business to a different country.

ESESII seeks to address these challenges by developing a framework of skills and competences and in a second step a curriculum to train social entrepreneurs. Moreover, ESESII also engages with social enterprise support organisations and develops a set policy tools destined to social enterprise support organisations and national interest groups for national use.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • Identify the skills and competences gap impeding social entrepreneurs to internationalise.
  • Diversify the European VET provision through the development of an innovative curriculum on social entrepreneurs’ internationalisation with a focus on individuals with fewer opportunities.
  • Build the skills and capacity of national social enterprises support organisations’ staff to guide their beneficiaries in their internationalisation strategy.
  • Advise European and national policy-makers and interest groups on the necessary policy steps to enhance the capacity of social entrepreneurs’ to internationalise.


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