project description

The main aim of EntreTheatre project is to develop entrepreneurial competences of adult unemployed people. This is based on the theatre and entrepreneurship educational methodologies and latest research developed by the project partners, 7 organizations from Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Romania, Denmark, Spain, who have expertise in the fields of performing arts, entrepreneurship and adult education.


The objective of the project is to develop an inclusive, engaging and innovative training methodology to provide our target group of adult unemployed people with entrepreneurial skills to help them to reactivate their career either as freelancers or to gain action in their future employment thus supporting their inclusion in the job market.


  • Development of theatre and entrepreneurial skills assesment framework for unemployed and job seekers. It includes results of work of the consortium for defining theatre and entrepreneurship skills assessment framework for the unemployed and job seekers. The main activities within this IO included desk research, interviews with professionals, analysis and theoretical defining of Skills Framework. The work was carefully planned by the consortium and implemented in each partner country. This report compiles the results described by each partner organisation.
  • “Entretheater: building entrepreneurial skills through theatre” training combo. A training methodology that aims to increase the entrepreneurial skills, with a special focus on the most requested skills, such as:
    • Self-awareness.
    • Coping with uncertainty.
    • Working with others.
    • Taking initiative.
    • Spotting opportunities.
    • Perseverance and motivation.
  • Guidebook “Entretheatre: builinding your entrepreneurial skills”. It contains all tools and exercises needed to build entrepreneurial skills through theatre and practical drama techniques aimed at unemployed people and job seekers as well as entrepreneurial and employment intermediaries (employment agencies, chamber of commerce, education providers, etc.).


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