Entrecomp Synergies



project description

EntreComp Synergies is an initiative of the European Union. Initiated in December 2021, the project will run for 24 months until December 2023 under EISMEA tender EISMEA/2021/OP/0002: ‘Achieving Synergies and Champions in the Implementation of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework ‘ which aims to achieve synergies and champions in the implementation of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp).


This project will engage, connect, grow and sustain the entrepreneurial learning community, bringing together different actors from diverse sectors who are interested in, inspired by or already using EntreComp to underpin entrepreneurial learning.

It is the opportunity to create synergies and bring together existing and new audiences relevant to or already engaged in implementing EntreComp. To work across sectors and partners to develop their capacity and engagement through innovative and participatory learning events, network and collaborate within online communities of practice and recognise their progress and impact through an international EntreComp Champions awards scheme.

This will serve as a concrete basis from which to establish a sustainable community and associated actions, bringing these partners together as members within an open, inclusive and democratic network organisation.

EntreComp Synergies will:

  • Forge and strengthen synergies – build understanding, relevance and collaboration aligned to EntreComp across diverse sectors and geographies.
  • Accelerate engagement and pioneer recognition pathways – to activate and sustain involvement in the online EntreComp Communities of Practice.
  • Catalyse change in policy and practice – identifying key recommendations for developing synergies towards further implementation of EntreComp.
  • Achieve long-term change – creating a sustainable open and inclusive partnership between networks, organisations and practitioners.



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