project description

EntreCompEdu is an education project that wants to bring about change in the education system by strengthening educators’ entrepreneurial skills. We believe that entrepreneurial teaching is about teaching differently and not doing more work and want teachers to use those skills they already possess to empower learners. We want teachers to discover their own creativity, vision, ability to spot opportunities and working with others as well as mobilise others and resources to help their learners succeed in the world today. A world in which every learner has the entrepreneurial skills to be part of a workforce that is alert and responsive to change and capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex problems. We need to reduce the increasing mismatch between the skills our education systems are delivering and the needs of society which is damaging the aspirations of Europe’s young people and, ultimately, their future well-being and prosperity. Teachers are at the frontline of education, and in a changing world there are ever more demands on their time and expertise. Entrepreneurial learning is perceived as an add on, and there is no clear understanding of how these teaching pedagogies and didactics can actually support curriculum and subject delivery while potentially addressing wider learning priorities such as learner engagement, citizenship, social cohesion or employability. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


We want to empower teachers to rethink the skills they have and how they can be used, by seeing their own strengths and using them to improve the quality (and inclusiveness) of school education. We will build a bridge from the classroom through making direct policy and practice based links between the professionalisation of teachers, educators and leaders and how this can be supported by developing the capacity of teachers to deliver entrepreneurship education through their teaching.


EntreCompEdu Online Training Course:

  • EntreCompEdu Framework
  • EntreCompEdu Teacher Cards
  • EntreCompEdu Practice Maps
  • EntreCompEdu Creating Teacher Pioneers – A Policy Toolkit
  • EntreComp Edu Café


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