EntreCOM4All is an Erasmus+ project financed by European Commission aiming at developing and analysing an innovative pedagogy and assessment approach based on OER to support the diverse individual learning pathways and to better assess all types of learning outcomes and future learning needs related to entrepreneurship competences in different learning communities.

The main challenge for this project is to promote the use and re-use of OER in a pedagogically rich context, increasing the number of OER users and foster the effectiveness of OER for entrepreneurial educational purposes.

The main objective of the project is, the development and implementation of a multilingual social and semantic software framework where the individual learning needs of users meet the most effective digitised materials offered freely selected.

The partnership including organisations from Italy, Spain, Hungary and UK will develop:

  • EntreCom4ALL Skill Assessment Framework that will further implement the EC ENTRECOMP framework amongst three main target groups: female entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and trainers/teachers. This aim is to help the targets group understand and assess their own competences levels, their main strengths and weaknesses, and where to focus their efforts in order to start or improve their business. After completing the evaluation of the Skills Assessment Framework, entrepreneurs will be directed towards the Open Education Resources most appropriate for addressing their learning needs.
  • EntreCom4ALL model Web Portal consisting in the design and implementation of the innovative model, EntreCom4ALL model, into a Web Portal. This model is based on the deployment of semantic and social technologies into the ENTRECOMP framework that will be adapted to the different types of communities of learning, as formal, informal and as non-formal learning.
  • Pilot and validation of the EntreCom4ALL Model Web Portal Social Learning Platform. The validation will be done with a significant number of start-ups and pre-start-ups from the target groups with the ultimate goal of assessing the effectiveness of the EntreCom4ALL Web Portal in the learning scenarios established previously in each country and through the development of the Web Portal.

A test on the EntreCom4All model Web Portal and feedbacks will be carried out in Italy to fine-tune thanks to the direct experience of the final beneficiaries in a beta testing phase.

The project beneficiaries are:

  • Young entrepreneurs (young and graduates), pre-start-ups and start-ups
  • Female owned pre-start-ups or start-ups
  • Teachers/trainers/intermediaries
  • Policy makers, stakeholders and beneficiaries in the local communities and wider public

If you wish to know how to participate, please send an email entitled “Participation to “EntreCOM4All” project to info@materahub.com.