ENTOS: Entrepreneurship Through Sport



project description

The European Commission fosters the development of entrepreneurial skills for young people in order not only to become entrepreneurs, but also to empower their employability becoming able to better seize new opportunities.

Education plays an essential role in the development of the Entrepreneurial mindset, and teachers are the central figures of this learning-approach. Teachers cannot support the development of Entrepreneurial mindsets, if they don’t acquire themselves this knowledge and the attitude first.

This is the goal of ENTOS methodology: providing sports teachers with the awareness of the importance of Entrepreneurship Education and, at the same time, with tools & guidelines for managing sport activities with the final aim of improving their students’ entrepreneurial attitude and skills.


ENTOS aims to empower sport teachers’ entrepreneurial attitude, thanks to which they can develop innovative sport activities for their students based on entrepreneurship education at the same time. 

ENTOS is an innovative student-centred approach that doesn’t require any additional resources to be implemented; rather, its main objective is to add an entrepreneurial attitude to the already existing creative-dimension of sport at school. 


Work in progress


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