We reduce the imbalance between the competences of our education systems and the needs of today’s society.

EntreCompEdu – EntreComp for Educators is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission aimed at reducing the growing imbalance between the skills of our education systems and the needs of today’s society. This project aims to improve the quality (and inclusiveness) of school education by creating direct links between the professionalization of teachers, educators and leaders.

Partnership with organisations from the UK, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Macedonia and Sweden will develop:

  • EntreComp for Teachers, a professional entrepreneurial competence framework for teachers inspired by EntreComp, developed in close collaboration with students, teachers, school leaders, communities and businesses;
  • Model of teacher training through initial teacher training and continuous professional development in an innovative and collaborative social learning multimedia environment (loopme.io);
  • Toolkits describing why and how the HABILITY FRAMEWORK can be incorporated into existing national and regional Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) developed in consultation with European and national/regional policy makers.

The beneficiaries of the project are:

  • learners;
  • teachers / researchers;
  • School leaders (3 per partner);
  • community / business 5 (transversal section);
  • policy makers (representing education, work, enterprise).

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