We offer a targeted and comprehensive business creation support scheme that takes into account the migrant and an intercultural approach.

 ELYME – Entrepreneurial Labs for Young Migrants across Europe is a transnational project developed under the Growth (Entrepreneurial capacity building for young migrants) programme for third country migrants legally residing in the EU.

The project will achieve this by offering a targeted and comprehensive business creation support scheme that takes into account the migrant and an intercultural approach.

In the first phase of the project (WP1), the 5 partners will identify potential migrant entrepreneurs through the co-creation of an entrepreneurial path of migrant involvement which in two phases will examine the skills of migrants and create a basic assessment of entrepreneurial skills based on ENTRESAT and ENTRECOMP (WP1).
The aim is to identify migrants interested in taking the next steps towards starting a business and ready to direct training and support activities in WP2-3.
Therefore, migrants identified in WP1 will participate in the training: two parallel paths in each country are foreseen for each of the two identified levels, namely PRE-START UP level and START-UP level through two proven methodologies, namely the Idea Design Processse Project Canvas.
In addition, migrants who are ready to start a business, i.e. those profiled as START-UP LEVEL, will participate in the mentoring scheme based on the methodology Mentoring Circles ™ (WP3) which allows students to exchange knowledge and learn from peers in a support group environment and focus on both reflective aspects (e.g. development of an entrepreneurial mindset) and practical aspects (e.g. practical support and coaching).
A horizontal dimension (WP4) of exchange of best practices and cooperation between relevant actors at local, national and EU level will be integrated in each of the main WPs, i.e. WP1-3 and will lead to the creation of national Hubs and a series of workshops for stakeholders, an online platform.

The main target groups of the project are third country migrants legally residing in the EU territory who can attend training activities and start their activity according to the applicable legislation in the host country, with a special focus on the years 25-45 and on the second generations, but there will be no specific age limit. Specifically, the project will target migrants who have lived in the EU for at least 2 years and who have a long-term residence permit.
Within this group, the project outlines two sub-groups to which tailor-made and specific support and training measures will be addressed:

  • PRE-START UP level migrants, including migrant entrepreneurs who still need to identify and define a clear business idea, to become aware of its potential and to focus on making it a living business project;
  • Improve migrants at START UP level, which includes migrant entrepreneurs with a rather advanced business idea who wish to develop but who need clear and effective tools and competences to turn it into a life project.

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