Creative Entrepreneurs

      Increasing business development opportunities for NEETs in the creative industry sector.

      Creative Entrepreneurs – For a Europe in Change is a transnational project developed under the Erasmus + EU programme aimed at increasing the business development opportunities for NEETs in the creative industry sector to support them in the transition from unemployment to business development, in a transnational approach.

      The partnership with organisations from Italy, Spain, Romania and Poland will develop:

      • Creative Career Roadmap, an innovative tool for individual business advice
      • Training programmes for creative entrepreneurship and ICT training programmes in support of NEETs to acquire the skills necessary for the creation and development of creative entrepreneurial activities
      • 2 online pilot courses, one on creative entrepreneurship and one on ICT, and 1 international learning activity, “How to be a successful entrepreneur in the creative field”, training course in Spain
      • Best practice guidelines for creative entrepreneurship.

      The beneficiaries of the project are:

      • NEET (persons not employed in employment, education or training)
      • Decision-makers, experts, specialists, professionals

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