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Maria Alexandra BAESCU

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Quoting Martin Luther King: “I have a dream…”, Maria dreams to develop a Youth Business School in Romania that will be an alternative to the national Romanian educational system. The School aim to identify the Entrepreneurial DNA of Romanian youths and give it value. The need for such a School became obvious after the closure of large companies that causes migration of workforce and young people that choose to build their future in other countries.

Maria decided to not remain passive to this phenomenon, so she joined the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in order to acquire more experience from a successful entrepreneur in another European country and to understand the organization of a similar business.

She started connecting with Raffaele Vitulli an Italian experienced entrepreneur, co-founder of MateraHub – Creative and Cultural Industries. The company develops and implements projects in many areas, dealing with entrepreneurial education, international networking and mobility,  exactly what Maria was looking for.

Maria used her academic knowledge and professional experience to implement the projects that the host company had on-going with other foreign partners. She collaborated with the team improving the company’s website, communication plans and project activities. Maria met business leaders from the area and liaised with the company’s partners and collaborators from Italy.

The exchange provided Maria with a unique personal, cultural and business learning experience. She received invaluable advices on how to better understand herself personally and professionally in order to respond properly to the needs of the territory through her future business. Raffaele inspired Maria and offered her a new perspective in approaching her business idea: thinking about a co-working space. She designed along with her host entrepreneur an action plan for developing her business step-by-step.

Under Raffele’s guidance Maria understood the opportunity offered by the situation of her territory and the way in which she should take advantage to change it through her business idea. As a result Maria further developed her business idea with an NGO from Romania that is interested to invest in her idea gradually.

Both Raffaele and Maria were highly satisfied with the exchange and continued communicating, being open to collaborate together in the future.

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