100 words in less than 24 hours for the pandemic alphabet proposed by the network “The State of Places”

Materahub is among the subscribers of the “The State of Places”, the first Italian urban regeneration network that unites about 60 organizations and people who define themselves as “activators of places and managers of regenerated spaces” or reactivation projects previously unused spaces transformed into inclusive and empowering cultural centers in many territories throughout Italy.

The pandemic declaration postponed the formal establishment of the network but did not stop the connections between future members who found themselves living the common experience of being forced to close their spaces, spaces whose existence is based on the possibility of meeting and aggregation between people.

Closed spaces but strong links with their communities of reference have meant that in most cases, however, the inhabitants of the “State of Places” have continued in various ways to be in contact with people, neighbors, partners, patrons, coworkers through means of digital communication and thus the idea of ​​the pandemic alphabet was born from comparison and listening.

On the website www.lostatodeiluoghi.com it is possible to navigate between the words written by many and many people from the world of culture and beyond: there are artists such as Emma Dante or Franco Arminio, politicians such as Emiliano Deiana or Alessandro Fusacchia, journalists and thinkers such as Annamaria Testa or Marino Sinibaldi, there are many of the network, cultural operators from Agrigento to Trento but above all there are many ordinary people, of all ages and backgrounds who have taken the opportunity to “take word” to express feelings and thoughts of these days so special.

Pandemic Alphabet is in fact a collective writing project of a vocabulary of texts and images for the post pandemic, a vocabulary that serves in the present and looks to the future, as the call on the homepage says:

Having the words, afterwards, will mean having new tools of reading the real, new imaginaries and new actions. It serves not to forget this effervescence of thought these days, not to lose intuitions, visions, to hold them tight and be ready to affirm radical positions. It serves to not go back without changing.

From the site you can participate by describing your word with a text or image, you can read or observe the words of others, you can be moved, smile and think and you can feel part of a bigger thing that belongs to everyone, that language serves this purpose, to give collective shape to the world, especially when we no longer understand it.

All the info on the alphabet and on the network on lostatodeiluoghi.com

Here you can also find our word for the Pandemic Alphabet.