Laboratory for innovation and creativity

Civico 13 is our space at the Sviluppo Basilicata incubator, in the Sassi of Matera.

In a place where innovation and rupestrian habitat exchange knowing glances, in close contact with other enterprises that chose to invest in the partnership for their own future and for the future of the territory.

Civico 13 is a permanent laboratory for innovation and creativity: European meetings, training workshops, participatory project designing as well as simple entertainment to build forward-looking and sustainable business projects.

Matera is the future European Capital of Culture for 2019  and we are working to intercept those projects that are useful to the territory and will lead innovation and new cultural and social models by promoting the existing territorial culture and creativity. We believe in networking and sharing and invest in quality people, quality projects, the “will to do” and constructive enthusiasm.

We believe in the relationship with Sviluppo Basilicata and the cultural and creative industries of Matera and Basilicata: with these extraordinary people and organisations we are creating a creative cluster that will help enterprises to be competitive and territories to enhance their material and immaterial resources. We are promoters of entrepreneurial culture and believe that creativity can really help enterprises in their innovation and internationalization processes.

Recently someone said that the Sassi of Matera cause “turmoil of creativity”; we are convinced that the energy and the strength that our heritage releases is available to all those willing to merge with our territory and it is our job to facilitate this encounter.