capacity building

Sharing expertise and openness
on international scenarios

what develops

Development of skills, including soft skills, through teamwork that connects experts from the world of business and research, institutional representatives, stakeholders and local communities to generate sustainable initiatives to support the development of the territory, but also oriented towards opening up to international scenarios.

Similar paths have been outlined, for example, with the ICCIInternationalisation Creative Cultural Industries project, or with the capacity building activities organized with the Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019.

With the same approach and remaining in the cultural and creative field, the Creative Project Canvas was developed, the tool to focus on the key points of a business, organized the Creative Speed Up, a path of acceleration and internationalization for entrepreneurs and, with the project Fake It Till You Make It, developed a methodology that, starting from theatrical techniques, can help artists, creatives but also NEETs to enter the labor market.

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Multiculturalità: valore per imprese e terzo settore

Multiculturalità: valore per imprese e terzo settore

MULTICULTURALITÀ: VALORE PER IMPRESE E TERZO SETTORE I luoghi di lavoro, oltre a produrre ricchezza economica, possono essere importanti spazi di confronto e inclusione culturale. In un mondo sempre più globalizzato, infatti, la convivenza di persone...