project description

The overall objective of this project is to support entrepreneurship among migrant already permanently residing in the EU, in order for them to become self-confident, self-employed and build a successful enterprise (profit-generating and/or with social objectives) in the host countries.

The project will achieve this objective by offering a targeted and comprehensive business creation support scheme that takes into account the migrant and well as an inter-cultural approach.

In the first phase of the project (WP1) we will identify potential migrants entrepreneurs through the co-creation of an Entrepreneur Migrant Engagement Pathway that in two stages will screen migrants skills, and create a baseline assessment of entrepreneurial competencies based on ENTRESAT and ENTRECOMP (WP1). The aim is to identify migrants interested in taking the next steps towards starting a business and ready for targeting training and support activities in WP2-3.

Thus, migrants identified in WP1 will participate in the Training provided in WP2: two parallel paths in each country are foreseen for each of the two levels identified, i.e. PRE-START UP level and START-UP level through two proven methodologies, i.e. the Idea Design Process and the Project Canvas.

Further, migrants that will be ready to start-up a business, i.e. those profiled as START-UP LEVEL, will participate in the mentoring scheme based on the Mentoring Circles™ methodology (WP3) which enables learners to exchange knowledge and learn from peers in a supportive group environment and to focus on both reflexive aspects (e.g. developing an entrepreneurial mindset) and practical aspects (e.g. practical support and coaching).

An horizontal dimension (WP4) of exchange of best practices and cooperation among relevant actors at local, national and EU level will be embedded in each of the core WP, i.e. WP1-3 and will lead to the creation of National Hubs and in a series of workshops for stakeholders, an online platform.


The project’s objectives are:

  • To provide effective tools and methods to assess the entrepreneurial skills and competencies and potential of migrants (WP1).
  • To develop and deliver a tailored training program for two sub-target groups, i.e. PRE-START UP and START UP (WP2).
  • To provide migrants practical insights into the entrepreneurial aspects of planning and setting up a business, improve their understanding of self-employment and provide mentees with a coaching environment in which they can achieve their entrepreneurial goals, through the Mentoring Circles Methodology (WP3).
  • To build National Hubs to connect stakeholders, engage migrants, and multiply project results also after the end of the project (WP4).
  • To raise awareness and connect the main stakeholders in the field of supporting migrants entrepreneurs at local, national and EU level (WP4).


Work in progress


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