project description

The project E-ART aims to promote the green skills, and sustainability as mean for fighting the climate change. It aims to create a new and innovative curriculum for sustainable techniques, methodologies and materials in order to enhance and train the artists aiming to become “Green Minds”.


Sustainability is present in many aspects of our everyday life. The objectives of the project is to -create new and bring to the forefront the need of more sustainable materials to be used in the context of art.

  • Tο raise awareness both to the art and public sector about the importance of sustainability and climate protection.
  • To upskilling and reskilling the professionals in art, to acquire new knowledge, to learn new and more innovative techniques.
  • To promote the sustainable artists.


  • Development of innovative sustain art curriculum
  • Implementation of training in greece
  • Art labs and e-residencies
  • Raising awareness campaigns
  • Local exhibitions
  • Online exhibitions
  • Online platform, material library, repository


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