Cultural Social Innovation Europe



project description

Cultural Social Innovation Europe is a transnational project developed under Erasmus + programme by six partner organisations based in UK, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Hungary and Greece. It aims at empowering adults and young people most affected by COVID to become confident cultural social innovators and design innovative (digital) solutions to challenges posed by the crisis by developing valuable transversal, digital and employment related skills and improve their own mental health.


Specifically, the project aims at developing:

  • A CULTURAL SOCIAL INNOVATION GUIDE that will map the various best practice examples of cultural social innovation, as well as the approaches, methods and tools used to carry out these projects.
  • A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION TOOLBOX that will contain a range of measures, tools, techniques and practical guidance for Adult and Youth Educators wishing to incorporate social innovation activities into their teaching strategies, with a particular focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools.
  • A CULTURAL SOCIAL INNOVATION HACKATHON AND GUIDE consisting in intensive 1- or 2-day cultural social innovation training for both adult/youth educators and young adults on how to carry out/develop CSI projects.


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