Cultural Bees
Creating cultural heritage businesses through hybrid learning models & hands-on curricula across borders.



project description

This project aims to generate a new model of sustainability through the introduction of versatile and innovative cultural heritage businesses, leveraging a hybrid learning model and hands-on curricula that can be utilized and further exploited in Europe and beyond.
Museums and cultural spaces, will be utilized as open and living training spaces where young people will become the future creative and cultural entrepreneurs.
Emphasizing the need for co-creation, museums will be used as inspiring physical spaces where young people can work and create their own sustainable and digital cultural heritage products.


  • Develop and implement a training program and digital toolkit that support the promotion of entrepreneurship skills in the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) among youth.
  • A combination of learning models: face-to-face training sessions, self-paced online learning, virtual communities.
  • Provide 15–18-year-old students and 18-30 year old young people with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to succeed in their careers within the CCI sector.
  • Support youth in developing their ideas, projects, and businesses in the CCI sector.
  • To provide youth with the means and skills to ensure that their projects are sustainable, inclusive and innovative.


Work in progress.


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