CROP - Creativity rises opportunity for partnership



project description

CROP follows on from the ‘Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub’ project, which aimed to link the world of university education with the world of business, in the cultural and creative sector.
The CROP project intends to introduce innovative peer learning practices in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): students, academic staff, and stakeholders from the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) for the benefit of students and graduates in Art & Humanities (A&H) and the communities where the training institutions operate, while generating opportunities for professional insertion and self-entrepreneurship and fostering the development of Community Networks.
CROP Partners will work at the development of a vocational master’s degree to equip graduate students in A&H disciplines with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enhance creativity in real-life contexts by fostering internship, job placement and self-entrepreneurship opportunities.


The project aims to produce the following results:
  • Equip students with certified knowledge and skills (ODB) expendable in the CCI labour market and in the development of their own business idea.
  • Stimulating HEI teachers to use new teaching methodologies in curricula enhancing local and civic engagement processes to nurture community networks
  • Sharing best practices and scalable and/or replicable solutions in other contexts/territories.


  • The mapping and identification of needs/challenges proposed by CCI stakeholders
  • The development and delivery of an online master’s programme in which theoretical lectures will alternate with practical workshops including peer learning sessions with lecturers, experts and stakeholders for the development of solutions/products/services and/or processes, analysed in the project works.


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