Creative Invisibles



project description

Creative Invisibles is a European cooperation project that provides tools for identifying and mobilising NEETs and young people ‘invisible’ through creativity. The invisible ones are young people who are not on the radar of social welfare and employment services, vocational training, educational services (formal or informal) and local authorities. Difficult to identify, we know that their number will increase exponentially during the COVID crisis we are going through.

These young people have cultural practices, which we will call here “street culture”, that which is outside of “cultural institutions” and which brings together cultural and creative activities, sports and food: urban music, urban dance, street sports (parkours, skateboarding, basketball…), street art, street food, fashion, creative digital practices associated with these activities.


This project is aimed at professionals in the creative sector who work with young people (target audience) and young people (beneficiaries) in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Danish. It aims to renew professional practices in the creative sector and to participate in the renewal of the public and communities in this sector.



  • Opportunities in Street Culture Resource Pack.
  • Alliances and action plans on Street Culture.
  • Open and creative educational resources on Street Culture.
  • App on Street Culture.


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